2nd Space: Creating Space for the 21st Century

2nd Space offers innovative, practical, and affordable solutions for homes and modern lifestyle living. Our elegant modern home designs, including prefabricated granny flats and elegant weekend retreat, are a perfect solution for building a home, renovating, and adding space and value to your home.

2nd Space and parent its company Arkistruct provide housing designs and space solutions nationwide. If you’re trying to find a budget-friendly design for your lifestyle, we can help you with that goal.

Our Range of Designs

Our designs are flexible, and highly adaptable to any scale. We specialise in compact home designs, and our designs can be expanded according to your needs:

Studio Spaces

Studio spaces are the definitive single space. We offer studio designs with all amenities, excellent quality materials, and a terrific, healthy space for  comfortable living.


1 Bedroom

A 1 bedroom design can be extremely flexible, a modern house in miniature. Our 1 bedroom designs come with excellent interior spaces for bathrooms, kitchen, and built-in amenities. Add a deck, stylish modern windows, and you have fabulous home.

2 Bedroom


Our 2 bedroom spaces include all the features of a modern home. These homes are both spacious and highly cost-effective, practical options for a good quality family home.


Trying to Find a Home for The Future?

If you’re trying to make your home buying dollars go a lot further and find a viable cost base for your new home, we’re here to help. 2nd Space can assist with all aspects of a custom designed prefabricated or modular home for your budget and lifestyle needs.


Ask 2nd Space about Your New Home

For more information about our homes, designs, costs, and all the advice you need about a new home, call 2nd Space on 1300 121 653 or contact us online. We’re happy to assist you in finding a fabulous new home.

“In a considered response to increased demands for housing, local councils are actively promoting the building of secondary dwellings or ‘granny flats’ on existing residential properties. Contemporary granny flats are being endorsed as one answer to the shortage in affordable housing and rentals.”

Anthony Lee, Sales Director.

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