2 Bedroom Homes

2 bed / 1 bath

52, 54, 60 and 70 sqm

2nd Space 2 bedroom homes offer an excellent range of designs which are easily adaptable to any building lot or residential space. These homes are great for first homes, weekenders, and investment or rental properties.

Our 2 bedroom range includes a full spectrum of modern designs for interiors, including flooring, kitchens, bathroom, and more. This range includes designs from 45-70 SQM in size, all excellent space options for any type of home needs.

These spaces allow many excellent choices to suit budget, design, and use requirements. Your brand new 2nd Space 2 bedroom home can have all the features you desire!


Create Your Own Design

One of the most effective aspects of prefabricated and modular homes is that they can be easily configured to any type of layout. You can design your 2 bedroom 2nd Space home according to your building lot, or to make a fabulous personalised design of your choice.

All you need to do is consider what sort of design you want, and we’ll build it for you. Let your imagination go and consider exactly what you want for your new home. Imagine a 2 bedroom home like the images on this page, with a beautiful garden, play area, and all the things you want for your own home.


2nd Space Design and Building Services

We can help you with all the critical issues related to buying and building a new home. Ask us about onsite issues, home siting, interior design choices, and materials. Our team will provide you with any help, guidance, and practical advice you require to create the perfect home.


Need to Know More? Call Us

Whether you’re looking for a first home, a weekender, or an investment property, the 2nd Space team is here to help you with all your needs. Call us on 1300 121 653 or contact us online for any information you need.

Speak directly to our experts about your needs, and let’s get started on designing your gorgeous new home. We’re happy to help and provide the useful advice and solutions you need to make your home the great home you want.

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